10 Unique Baby Shower Themes for the Creative Mama-to-Be

"When a child is born, the mother is also born". This quote by Osho is the perfect phrase to show why baby showers are as much about mom as they are about the baby.

And such, the baby shower should be mom-friendly in decor and personality. You want to find baby shower themes that are both chic and mom-approved.

We've compiled ten ideas for cute, but not cutesy, baby shower themes below!

Where the Wild Things Are

This classic book is on pretty much every bookshelf in America and is regularly checked out at libraries. The movie that came out a few years ago didn't do the book justice.

But you can revive the childhood classic with your baby shower theme.

A literary theme is appropriate for either gender and is great for moms who don't want the classic baby shower presents. Instead of cute onesies, ask your guests to bring their favorite childhood book.

Now your baby has a library full of books and love--be sure each guest writes a note in the front cover.

Nautical Themed

If you (or your friend) are having a little boy, why not go with clean stripes and other sea-themed decors? You can design your invitations to say "Ahoy, it's a boy!"

To go along with the theme you can get sugar cookies made in the shape of anchors and boats. If you like punny-party ideas, get a bag of powdered donuts and label them "life savers."

When it comes to party games, the classics all work, and you can have guests bring nautical themed gifts. Nothing is cuter than an infant in seersucker fabric or a French-inspired sailor costume.

Babies and stripes go together like this theme and your love of the sea.

Rock n' Roll

This idea comes to us from some very creative mommas and is great for the less traditional mom.

Are you in the music industry or just don't love the cutesy nature of classic shower themes? You need to "Rock the Cradle." This is another theme that can work for girls or boys.

Celebrate the expectant arrival of your little rockstar with lots of black and white decor. Music notes, guitars, and fake records all make great decor.

You can have guests bring onesies with their favorite rock bands on them and play "guess the band" type games. Use lots of electric colors and maybe even design your own temporary rock-style tattoos for the occasion.

Your party will rock--we're sure of it!

Travel Themed Shower

Are you a global mama? Only staying in one place long enough to have a baby shower because you're not supposed to fly any longer?

Pull inspiration from another children's' book, from the magical world of Dr. Seuss. Oh, the Places You'll Go is a whimsical book we all loved as a child.

And it's a sweet sentiment for a child-to-be. We all want our children to go far in life and have the freedom to explore.

You can theme the party and decorations like the book--whimsical and colorful--or go for a more understated vintage-maps feel.

Cookies shaped like planes, globes, or even suitcases are all a great addition. Play games like "how many diapers are in the suitcase" and "predict the time of (baby's) arrival".

Your guests will go home feeling like they just took a trip around the world.

Next on your list: get some cool baby travel accessories (or ask for them as gifts).

Bee Sweet: Honey/Bee Themed Shower

Another idea semi-inspired by literature, what's cuter than the classic Winnie the Pooh? Not much, but maybe those honey jars he's always chasing after bees to fill up.

You can design your shower with Pooh in mind or without. Pastel yellows and hexagonal designs are totally chic. Serve things like honey sticks, honey cakes, and honey-flavored drinks.

It'll be sweet--literally.

When you're decorating and making labels, don't forget to use cute wording. You're throwing a "buzz-worthy" arrival party after all. Place some decorative sticks around in vases to give the feel of the "Hundred Acre Woods".

You can make this theme as honey-sweet as you want, just be sure to have enough hands to help clean up the impending sticky mess!

Tea for Two

What's cuter and classier than a ladies-only tea party? We all dreamed about them and even had them with our dolls as little girls.

Now you can throw a real one for your baby girl to be (or your friend's baby-to-be). Go all out with little finger sandwiches and vintage, floral decor.

If you can find them/afford it, find mismatched vintage teacups at thrift stores. It's good to start looking for this well before the party, they go rather quickly.

French macarons and strings of fake pearls will create an elegant aesthetic on any party table.

Alice in Wonderland

Want a literary-themed baby shower that's more female-friendly than Where the Wild Things Are? How about Alice in Wonderland?

You can combine parts of this party with the tea-party shower ideas above, as Alice has a tea party with the famous mad hatter.

Use lots of roses and flowers to decorate for this theme. Small cakes and cookies with cute tags like "eat me" and "drink me" are a must. Be sure to find some cute antique clocks, working or not, to decorate with.

Guests can guess the arrival of the baby by predicting the "very important date". White rabbit-themed calendar for extra credit.

Honorable Mentions:

While we didn't have time to expand on these themes, we still love them:

8. Cutie Pie: a southern-chic party with lots of gingham
9. Ready to Pop: personalized sodas, bubble gum pink decor, and popcorn to eat
10. A Star is Born: classic Hollywood, with no relation to the movie that just came out.

Baby Shower Themes: Which Will You Choose?

If you're planning a baby shower, we hope you found some inspiration on this list. You can always take some of our ideas and add them to your own.

Baby shower themes aren't complete without a little personalization. If you liked this article and need some ideas for baby shower gifts, click here

February 04, 2019 — Niomi Thompson