7 Mom-Friendly Summer Outfits For New Mums

Being a mom in the summertime means long, hot, and exhausting days. The little ones are out of school and you now have to balance your normal daily activities while trying to break up sibling fights and provide warm bottles every couple of hours. So, when it comes to choosing summertime mom outfits, there are key factors to consider: comfortability and fashionability. 

Just because you're a busy and overtired mom doesn't mean you can't look good while getting the job done. Let's face it, you're a superhero and deserve to save the day in style! Ready to get fashionable?

Continue reading for 7 summer mom outfits for new moms that you must have!

1. Everyday Tanks

Everyday tank tops are a go-to shirt for in the summer. They're easy to throw on and they help you stay cool throughout the day. One's with thicker straps are good for hiding your bra straps, but it's a good idea to stock up on several different styles so that you have options.

Tanks are great for running errands or throwing over a bathing suit top on the way to the pool or beach. They also work well with maxi skirts, jeans, Bermuda shorts, capris, and much more. Because they match well with so many different bottoms, everyday tanks are an ideal piece of clothing for new moms on the go. 

2. Comfortable Sandals/Shoes

As a new mom, you know just how hard it is to carry around a newborn baby's car seat, diaper bag, and other necessary items. There might not be any way around two sore arms, but your feet shouldn't have to suffer as well. A good comfortable pair of sandals or shoes is another must-have.

Not only will you be carrying around a lot of baby items, but you'll also be out and about doing fun summer activities. With all that running around, it's important to keep your feet happy. A cute pair of comfy sneakers goes great with jeans, shorts, and even sundresses.

But with it being summer time and the sun at it's hottest, you might be more willing to invest in a pair of super comfy sandals. They'll keep your feet nice and cool, and if you find a pair with good arch support, then you're on your way to a sweat-free comfortable summer. Summer sandals go well with swimsuits with coverups, sundresses, jeans and a tank top, Bermuda shorts with a casual t-shirt, and more. 

3. Casual Sundresses

The most popular summertime outfit is a sundress. This is because it's easy to throw on, keeps your body cool, and matches with just about any shoe or accessory. These factors make it perfect for new moms during the summer as well, because it's a quick outfit to throw on and head out the door. 

Sundresses are also pretty comfortable, which is the main feature for a new mom outfit. To put together an entire outfit, consider matching your sundress with sandals and a floppy hat, with low heels and a cropped cardigan, or try placing it over a plain white t-shirt and wear a pair of sneakers. 

4. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are simple and convenient like a sundress, but offer either shorts or pants at the bottom. Jumpsuits are a great alternative to sundresses if you love the sundress look but don't want to wear a dress. Jumpsuits are a great outfit choice for new moms during the summer because they allow flexibility and full-function. 

They don't restrict you in many ways, making them ideal for moms who find themselves bending over multiple times during the day or moms wanting to get on the ground to play with their little one. Because jumpsuits come in so many different styles, there is sure to be one for any occasion that comes up. Pair yours with a pair of those comfortable sandals for a more relaxed day or dress it up with a pair of low heels for a more sophisticated look. 

5. T-Shirt Dresses

If you like the idea of throwing on a sundress, but want something a little less fancy, then consider wearing a t-shirt dress. Match it with a pair of comfy white sneakers and you've got yourself a stylish, yet super realistic outfit for a new mom. It's comfy and cozy and easy to move around in.

For the summer days that you plan on spending outdoors either at a park or even just running around town, consider grabbing a baseball hat and topping off your t-shirt dress outfit with it. It's a super cute look that'll keep the sun out of your eyes so you can easily watch the little one play.

6. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are an awesome selection for new moms or experienced moms. They keep you cooled off but aren't too short. These are perfect for moms needing to bend down quite often and moms who enjoy running around and playing with their little ones. 

And because they come in so many designs and patterns, you'll have no problem finding ones that give you a youthful look. Match them with an everyday tank top, a mama bear t-shirt, or even over a body suit.

7. Fashionable Swimsuits with Trendy Hats and Cute Coverup 

The last outfit on our list that all new moms need during the summertime is a fashionable swimsuit with a trendy hat and coverup. There are so many different styles of bathing suits that are trendy. There are one-piece suits, high-waist suits, and standard two-piece. 

Choose one that you feel the most comfortable in and pair it with a trendy floppy hat to keep the sun's rays off your face and out of your eyes. You should also consider throwing on a cute coverup to solidify the outfit. If possible, try to match with your little one's swim attire, and you'll be "moming" in style! 

Summer Mom Outfits You Got to Have!

These 7 summer mom outfits are a must! But don't stop here with these outfit suggestions. Use them as inspiration for other awesome summer mom outfits. 

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June 18, 2019 — Niomi Thompson