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8 Adorable Ideas for Baby Holiday Outfits This Year

One of the best parts of the holiday season is dressing up your baby.

But it isn't always easy to find outfit inspiration. If you need help coming up with last-minute Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving apparel, or themed Christmas ensembles, we'll help get your creative juices flowing.

We've created a quick list of eight of our favorite baby holiday outfits this year.

So stay tuned and keep reading.

1. Baby Bat

This is a super easy last-minute Halloween costume. You probably already have what you need lying around the house, so you can throw it together the day of if you run out of time.

All you need is a black longsleeved onesie, a black hat, black felt, and a grey marker. No expert sewing skillsrequired.

Start by cutting two bat wings out of your black felt. Sew one end of each wing to either side of the onesie and the other end along the bottom of the sleeves. Add some extra detail with your grey market.

Then cut out two bat ears and sew them to the hat. Color the center of the ears grey with your market. And you're done!

2. Cotton Candy

This cute costume will keep your baby warm and sweet as sugar. You can even mix up the cotton candy flavors. Have a baby girl? Go with pink! Have a baby boy? Switch to blue instead.

Again, this easy costume only takes a few minutes to prepare. So if you're still looking for a Halloween costume, this is a good last-minute pick.

Get a long sleeved sleeper onesie and hat in the color of your choice. Then buy pink or blue batting to go along with it. Tear the batting into small clumps and glue it all over the onesie and hat.

Dress your baby and get your camera ready for some adorable pictures.

3. Cutest Turkey at the Table

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey. And if you have a new baby around this year, you have two turkeys to worry about.

You have to make sure your baby's holiday outfit outshines the table.

A turkey bib is an easy start. You can throw it on over the rest of the outfit at dinner and still be festive.

If you want to go with something simple, choose fall colored onesies, shirts, and pants and match them with a turkey hat. You can also find a lot of "baby's first Thanksgiving" pieces as well.

Want to spice things up?

Tuck your baby girl's turkey shirt into an orange tutu. Buy a tiny pair of orange suspenders for your baby boy. Don't forget the matching bowtie!

4. Pumpkin Spice Shirts

Don't want turkeys to be a part of your baby outfit? Switch to everyone's favorite flavor of the season: pumpkin spice.


Look for clothes with pictures of lattes, pumpkins next to a "spice container", and cute pumpkin spice sayings.

Or ditch the "spice" and focus on pumpkins instead. They're not just Halloween decorations. Use pumpkin print onesies, pants, bibs, and hats this year.

If you want to keep your holiday centered around your faith, make sure you check out our new arrival "Pumpkin Spice and a Whole Latte Jesus" toddler shirt.

5. Pie Onesies

Pie is a Thanksgiving staple. If dessert is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, you should pass up these baby pie outfits.

Dress your baby in a onesie that has a steaming pie on the front. Look for onesies and shirts that have sayings like "fresh out of the oven" or "mom's sweet little pie."

An outfit like this will ensure your baby is the sweetest part of Thanksgiving this year.

6. Santa Bottoms

Is your baby crawling? Then you need Santa bottom pants. These pants have a picture of Santa's face on the bottom, so as your baby crawls around, they're spreading holiday cheer.

If one Santa head isn't enough for you, dress your baby in full Santa getup instead. You can find a lot of Santa onesies, complete with an attached beard. Match this with a regular red hat or a baby Santa hat.


7. Ugly Christmas Sweater Onesie

You can't have Christmas without ugly Christmas sweaters. Make your holiday a little more special this year by dressing your baby in their very own ugly Christmas sweater onesie.

There are a lot of ugly options to choose from. If you have a toddler, you don't have to stick with a onesie. Pick a regular toddler sized sweater instead.

Do you like photoshoots?

Put the whole family in ugly sweaters. Include the pictures as part of your Christmas cards or frame some as Christmas memories.

8. Holiday Bests

Your holiday apparel doesn't have to be all Santas and snowmen. You can make it more formal as well.

For a little girl, choose a nice red or green dress. If you still want to include Santa, incorporate red and white together. Pulling a red tutu over a white onesie is a simple but stellar Christmas day outfit.

For baby boys, find a gentleman romper. Want to make it stand out a little more? Match it with a vest and bowtie.

These baby holiday outfits will keep your little ones looking their best during the Christmas season.

Choosing the Cutest Baby Holiday Outfits

You always want your baby to look their best, but sometimes it's fun to go all out when the holidays roll around. From last-minute Halloween costumes to Christmas bests, these baby holiday outfits keep your newest addition looking sharp, cute, and full of holiday spirit.

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October 30, 2018 — Niomi Thompson