9 Adorable Family Easter Picture Ideas

Easter is just around the corner on April 21 and if you haven't taken your family photo yet, you're running out of time. Sending out an Easter card is a great way to check in with family and friends at another time than Christmas. 

However, coming up with great family Easter picture ideas doesn't come easily to everyone. Sometimes you need a bit of inspiration. Read on for some great suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

1. A Chalk Photo Shoot

Chalk is one of the best Easter props for photo shoots since it doesn't have to be cared for like live animals and it can be washed off easily unlike paint. 

Consider using a chalkboard paint wall for your backdrop for a fun photo shoot. You can do things like draw ears on the board that will make your kid look like a bunny. For an easy chalkboard wall, just find some cardboard and paint one yourself.

You can also use it to draw pretty designs on the ground that would be perfect to lay your child in for an infant photo shoot.

2. A Baby Animal Shoot

Although including baby animals in your photo shoots is a lot of effort, there is nothing cuter than a little kid clutching a tiny rabbit or duck. But you probably don't want to go out and purchase an animal just for a photo shoot.

There are many family farms in your area that would love to work with you on making it possible for you to create your vision. You can also reach out to photographers in your area who specialize in taking photos with animals for a memorable shoot.

There are some photographers who are very capable of getting animals to behave in certain ways. Be careful who you select if you choose this kind of photo shoot.

3. A Giant Hatched Egg Newborn Shoot

The eggs that you hide for Easter egg hunts are also a great shape for putting a baby in only on a much bigger scale. Hunt down an egg that can fit your child and fill it with a blanket for an adorable infant Easter card.

To make the photo extra cute, you could also fill the Easter egg with jelly beans for your child to play in, just like the real thing!

4. A Chocolate Bunny Shoot

Chocolate bunnies are an Easter basket essential. Why not give your kids their's a little early this year and take photos of them trying to eat them. 

There is nothing cuter than a kid nibbling on an Easter bunny and you never know what precious moments you might capture. The larger the bunny, the better.

5. A Roadside Stand Back Drop

Most towns have at least one charming roadside stand that sells fruits and vegetables in the warm months. Stop by and purchase some produce before asking if they'd allow you to have a photo shoot there.

Most small businesses would love the exposure on social media especially if you agree to tag their business. You might even be able to organize a promotion with them where they offer your followers a discount on produce.

6. Shoots for Sustainability

Why not give your family photo session a purpose this year and encourage your friends to eat sustainably by hosting a garden shoot? 

Look for sustainable family farms in your area and pull together some fun facts about the location to share with your friends and family. They will appreciate your effort and have the opportunity to learn about something that is helpful and healthy for them.

7. Visit the Botanical Gardens

Many towns have a botanical garden of some sort in the city. Take a visit there with a photographer and just let them capture your day as you explore the plants and flowers.

You never know what magical moments will be captured and it's a great way to get the word out and encourage your friends to visit the little beautiful places in their own cities that they might take for granted.

8. The Classic Family Picnic

There is nothing more charming than a classic family picnic photo. You can even get matching outfits for everyone to wear. 

Consider purchasing a nice picnic basket and a checkered blanket at your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls to complete the look. You can also buy old-fashioned bottled sodas and cut up watermelon into nice slices for the occasion.

9. Harvest Season Shoot

Spring is a great time to take a trip to a farm and take a family photo shoot with the harvest. There are all sorts of great vegetables and fruits that are ready to be brought in for the Spring. 

By visiting a working farm, you are also giving your kids the opportunity to learn about where their food comes from. You also have the chance to talk to them about making healthy choices when they are eating so they can choose options that will nourish their bodies.

Beyond Family Easter Picture Ideas

Spring is a great time to get the family together for a photo shoot. Make sure you dress everyone up in their best and take advantage of some of the family Easter picture ideas on this list. 

You can also take your Easter shoot a step further by giving it an educational or entrepreneurial purpose like working with one of the small businesses in your area or teaching your kids about where their food comes from.

For help shopping for outfits for your photos, check out our hottest Spring arrivals here. 

April 10, 2019 — Niomi Thompson
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