Best Wishes: Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Expecting Mothers

'Tis the season of holiday baking, spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts.

Yet, it can be difficult to find the right gift for everyone on your list, especially soon-to-be moms. Fall and winter remain the most popular seasons to conceive. So, it's common to have at least one pregnant person on your gift-giving list. 

So, which pregnancy-related gift ideas are both thoughtful and practical? Check out our list of the best gifts for expecting mothers this holiday season. 

Diaper Backpack

Diaper backpacks are fashionable yet functional. The innovative backpack style helps a new mom to stay hands-free when on-the-go. These mother to be gifts offer plenty of storage for carrying around baby essentials. 

Go with a design that features built-in pockets and pouches for better organization. This makes it easier for mom to locate diapers, wipes, bottles, small toys, books, and snacks. Many options also come with a matching portable changing pad. 

Mama and Me T-Shirts

Maternity fashion is often built around keeping the mom-to-be as comfortable as possible. But that doesn't mean a maternity wardrobe needs to sacrifice style. 

Another fun gift idea is to get identical matching outfits for mom and baby. Holiday-themed shirts are one way to make this extra festive. 

This gift idea is also great for expecting moms who already have one child. This way they can match with a maternity and toddler version of the same shirt.  

Bathtime Set

Baby's first bath is a special milestone for any new mom. This makes baby bath products great gifts for moms to be. 

Stock them up with baby wash, bath toys, washcloths, and a cute hooded towel. An infant size bathtub or bath mat is another great gift idea. 

Small toiletries make for great add-on gifts with a bath set. Include some baby q-tips, nail clippers, and lotion. 

Portable Child Seat 

A portable car seat offers both safety and convenience for new parents. These are lightweight and foldable while still being safe and simple to use. 

They feature a 5-point harness system and are ideal for kids up to 10 years old. This means a new mom will get plenty of use out of this gift. These gifts for expecting parents are perfect for traveling with a baby.

These flexible child seats make it easier for moms on-the-go. You can use this product when riding on public transportation or in a golf cart. It even straps to a dining chair to provide a high chair alternative.  

Nursery Decor

Panning and decorating a new nursery is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. This also creates an opportunity for you to do something special for the expecting mom. 

First, find out how the mom plans to decorate the nursery. Get inspiration from their nursery color palette or theme. 

A few gift ideas include a baby blanket, picture frames, or a music box. Custom-made signage or artwork is also special.  

Photography Session

Photo sessions make for thoughtful maternity gifts for any soon-to-be mom. Many local photographers offer packages to capture these special moments. 

You can either gift a maternity or newborn photography session. This way a mom can show off her beautiful bump or her newborn baby.  

Pregnancy Pillow 

A pregnancy pillow offers extra support and comfort for the full body. They are great gifts for pregnant women with issues falling asleep or staying asleep. 

It's often difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position when pregnant. Fatigue also plagues most pregnant women. A pregnancy pillow will help to enhance comfort levels so they can get a better night's sleep.  

Vinyl Car Decals 

These gifts offer a simple way to personalize a new moms' ride. Vinyl car decals also add an extra safety precaution. They help let other drivers on the road know that you're traveling with children.

Choose from cute sticker sayings like "Mama Bear" or "Blessed Mama." These are more fun and unique than the traditional "Baby on Board" sayings. 

Nursing Bra

Breastfed babies eat about 8 to 12 times a day. So, a reliable nursing bra is a must for any new mom who plans to breastfeed.

These bras are built for comfort, style, or both. They also make it much easier and more convenient when it's time to feed the baby.  

Pampering Products

Another gift idea is to put together a big box of pregnancy-related goodies. Fill the box with things an expecting mom needs to pamper herself during pregnancy. 

Belly lotion features natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamins. These products help to improve skin elasticity by supporting collagen production. It will soften and soothe the skin, possibly preventing stretch marks and itching.  

Bath salts are also great for a good soak to reduce muscle tension. An expecting mother will appreciate a calming scented candle as well. 

Throw in some tea to help prevent nausea. These herbal blends use ingredients like ginger or soothing chamomile. You can also include a few pregnancy books for entertaining or educational reading. 

A comfy robe or nursing dress is another must-have item for a new mom. They may also appreciate some cozy compression socks to help with swelling.    

Other ideas include a gift certificate to get a prenatal massage or pedicure. Since many expecting mamas have trouble reaching their toes. A heated electric foot massager is another well-appreciated gift idea.  

Instant Photo Printer

This gift connects right to a new moms' mobile phone. This way they can capture and every single memory of their little newborn. Instant technology also makes it easy to print pictures to hang up or share with friends and family.  

Temperature-Controlled Coffee Mug

Many moms cut back on caffeine during the 9 months of carrying a child. Yet, they still like to enjoy a nice hot beverage while pregnant or after the baby is born.   

Innovative mugs feature temperature controls. These will help keep their tea, coffee, or cocoa warm for over an hour.

These high-tech mugs can even keep a drink at their exact temperature preference. Any sleep-deprived new mom is sure to appreciate a gift like this.   

The Best Gifts for Expecting Mothers This Holiday Season

The best gifts for expecting mothers combine thoughtfulness with practicality. They help to enhance convenience and comfort for new mothers. 

Looking for more great ideas to help someone transition into the role of motherhood? Browse the latest in best-selling baby products for more. 

November 05, 2019 — Niomi Thompson