Essential Items to Include in Your Baby Travel Kit

Are you dreading your next family trip because you aren't sure of what to pack for your little ones? Maybe you are just choosing to forgo travel altogether until your children are older. 

Neither of these should ever be the case!

Having the right items in your baby travel kit can be the difference between a wonderful, relaxing trip or a vacation nightmare. We're going to talk about what pieces are absolutely essential for any type of travel to help ensure you can enjoy the time with your family.

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Portable Baby Changing Pads

Changing a dirty diaper isn't anyone's idea of fun, but doing so in a public bathroom, airplane, or on a park bench can be tasking. Using portable baby changing pads allow you a soft area for baby and peace of mind knowing they aren't laying in other people's germs. 

You can choose to use disposable changing pads or you can purchase an entire portable station. There are benefits to both sides of this spectrum. 

Disposable baby changing pads are obviously disposable—if you make a mess, toss it. You can choose to take just a few or a whole pack, depending on the length of your trip, and they won't weigh your bag down. 

A portable changing station will offer a bit more functionality and have more bells and whistles. You can stock the pockets with smaller versions of the supplies you love and extra diapers.

Skip the Diaper Bag

Opting for a backpack instead of a traditional diaper bag will offer many features diaper bags usually don't. You can organize your baby's things, pack items like tablets or toys for older children, and leave your hands/arms free. 

Aside from the fact that a backpack is designed to be comfortable no matter the weight, a quality backpack will offer years of use, even after the diaper stage.

With research, you can find an option that will suit your exact needs, whether they include zipper pouches or the need for high fashion. 

Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are essential to your baby travel kit because they eliminate the need for bulky baby blankets and are comfortable for little ones.

If you choose to use one of these at home, they become part of your baby's sleep routine which will create a familiar environment during travel. Recreating part of their room and routine will help them get a better night's sleep, which allows you to do the same!

Travel High Chairs

Most restaurants only have 2-3 high chairs. At busy eateries, these chairs may be in use, forcing you to hold your little one while trying to eat. Should the restaurant have one available, it likely has far more germs than you'd care to share. 

travel high chair is packable, washable, and allows both baby and mom to eat at the same time. These also are helpful during outdoor events or to completely replace the need for a regular high chair at home.

Light-Weight Stroller

A simple internet search will populate with several tips for finding the best stroller. For travel, you will need something light and maneuverable; you may also need something that can roll easily onto rocky or unpaved surfaces. 

To find the most suitable stroller, consider where your family tends to travel and how. Travel by plane will mean the need for a compact and lightweight stroller. Traveling by car will allow you fewer restrictions with the biggest issue being your budget. 

When you find the perfect travel stroller for your family, don't be afraid to deck it out. You can find hooks to hang your diaper backpack, umbrellas to protect your baby's skin, and cupholders for your preferred beverage. 

White Noise Machine

Sleep sacks offer a familiar, cozy environment for your baby to rest. Unfortunately, noisy hotel neighbors or rowdy family get-togethers can wake the little one.

You can choose to use your phone as a white noise machine, but this will drain your battery life and means that the phone is always in use. Instead, opt for a small white noise machine. 

These machines are fairly inexpensive, small, and can help block any loud noises. Once again, this goes back to when the baby sleeps well, you sleep well!

Small Essentials for Your Baby Travel Kit

For your travels to be as smooth as possible, you will need a few smaller items that you normally wouldn't use at home.

A few wet/dry bags work well for dirty clothes and they're more cost-effective than disposable baggies. Consider silicone bibs for long days out and about as they can be washed and dried with a towel (no need for a dryer!)

Squeeze feeders are another excellent choice to have on hand. You can load them up with food and have meals available for your baby at all times. 

Many moms have older children who enjoy using tablets and media players. Purchase an extra charger that can stay inside of your main travel bag. Also, find an audio splitter that will allow your children to watch a movie on one tablet without fighting over headphones. 

Additionally, use packing cubes to organize all of your family's luggage. If you've never used these cubes, you will 'find' more room in your bags than you knew you had! 

Pack Up & Go!

Every baby travel kit can be personalized based on your destination and family's needs. The key is to set a budget and prioritize the items that will make your life easier. 

The best thing to remember about these kits is that you don't need to spend a fortune on them for them to be perfect. If you'd like tips on how to save money on all of the items, check out this blog post!

September 16, 2019 — Niomi Thompson