How to Dress up Your Baby Bump for the Holidays This Year

Do you feel about as festive as Scrooge? It's hard to want to dress up and go out when you feel big and pregnant. We totally understand that. 

We've been pregnant before and know how it feels like you're a walking whale. The bloating is so real and we feel for you.

We feel for you especially if you're in the biggest part of your pregnancy during the holiday season. What are you supposed to wear to all the holiday parties? You know that the clothes in your closet are out.

You want to go shopping, but you don't like the options labeled maternity. Well, don't you and your baby bump worry another minute.

We've put together a holiday guide to dressing with the bump and staying cute.

Funny Options

When you're big and pregnant, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh. These options let you do that and get in the holiday spirit.

Have you ever seen the Halloween shirts that are a momma skeleton on the ribs and have a little fetus skeleton design on the belly? Christmas shirts like that are usually cuter - and less creepy.

You can check out this white shirt, which turns your belly into a snowman. The cute button eyes and carrot nose are on your chest. Your bump makes up Frosty's belly, with black coal buttons down the middle.

Not a snowman fan? Tie your Christmas baby up with a bow decal shirt over your stomach.

Another option entirely is a little more jokey - A long sleeve black shirt that says "My First Christmas on The Inside".

Dressing Up a T-Shirt

If you want to opt for comfort and wear one of our cute and funny t-shirts, you can still dress it up for a semi-formal party. Wear a sequined or velvet cardigan over your shirt or a blazer.

Pair it with some big chunky jewelry and a nice pair of tailored dark jeans. Throw your feet into whatever booties are the most comfortable. And put your hair up. You're ready for any dressy-casual party!

An A-Line Dress

Are you the type of pregnant woman who doesn't want to buy new clothing? We get it. Not only are maternity clothes not as cute, but those elastic waistbands are embarrassing.

If you're not that far along, you can pull any swing or A-line dress out of your closet. An A-line dress gets bigger as it goes down, so you have some room for a growing belly.

Pair your dress with a pair of flats and a long, pendant type necklace. A half up hairstyle will look dressy, but not too dressed up. Pair it with a nice pair of studs and a clutch purse and you're ready to go!

Bodycon Dresses

If you have any body-con dresses in your closet, you probably haven't thought about wearing them. But Why not? Your growing belly is nothing to hide.

Those dresses are stretchy and can easily make room for your bump. Pair it with a long duster cardigan or long sweater if you'd like to hide your assets. A circle scarf looks cute when you don't have a lot of flowy clothing going on underneath.

If you do opt for a circle scarf with your bodycon dress, make sure you put your hair up. A cute but short pair of earrings or a headband finish off the look.

A Jumpsuit

Another option for women who want to shop in their own closets is a jumpsuit. Modern jumpsuits usually have an elastic waistband, which will allow your bump to fit.

Jumpsuits are super in style now too, jewel tones are hot for the holidays - and black is a classic. Dress up a basic jumpsuit with chunky jewelry and leave the layers off.

If you can fit into heels without wanting to die, then do - they'll dress the look up if it's in between semi and formal.

A Maxi Dress

If you have a maxi dress in your closet in a stretchy fabrication, bust that baby out! Maxi dresses are so versatile, they make you look like you put in double the effort you actually did.

And the best part is, it feels like you're wearing your pj's. You can style your maxi dress just like a jumpsuit - keep it simple and don't layer. Why no layers? 
You don't want to over-do it with fabric since maxi dresses are such full coverage pieces. Throw on that chunky jewelry over it.

Unlike the jumpsuit, you should be able to wear flats if the dress goes to your ankles. Just make sure they're festive in case they flash while you and your baby bump are dancing.

A Nice Sweater and Jeans

When you're super pregnant, no one expects that much from you. If you show up in jeans and a nice cashmere sweater, no one's going to yell at you.

Especially if you dress up that sweater with some nice jewelry and classy heels. Put your hair up and add a hair accessory, to show you put in some effort.

Your Baby Bump, Styled

We hope we've made you feel a little more optimistic about getting dressed up for parties this holiday season. We also hope you feel beautiful since you're glowing and full of life.

Remember that the baby bump stage is temporary and that it's all worth it in the long run. In the meantime, you get to be creative and create your own maternity style.

If you're having a Christmas baby or want to gift some cute holiday baby clothes to a mother in your life - click here. We've got you covered!

November 24, 2018 — Niomi Thompson