How to Make Your Baby's First Christmas Super Memorable

Every day is memorable when it comes to your baby, right? Every moment, every breath, every smile, every giggle, every poo, every word; all of it is memorable when it comes to your Baby’s first.

Yes, I hear you. Christmas is all about the gifts, so let’s just dive in. When choosing gifts for a baby it's mostly about comfort and sensorial awakening. Stay simple, for a developing brain, less is more.

Overstimulation can result in a tantrum and that is not what you want to remember about baby's first Christmas. Keep it simple.

Light it Up

Every year, regardless of the tradition you follow, Christmas season begins with a Thanksgiving dinner, when the family gets together to celebrate and be thankful.

This is when the Christmas adornments go up for many. A baby would probably enjoy spending time on a floor baby blanket, while music is playing, to enjoy the family playing together while decorating.

Whether it is a tree or a sucks by the entrance, it is the ceremony of light what will make your baby remember this day. Candles have a way to make ambiance peaceful and merry, and what a better way to teach your baby about the basic elemental power of fire. 

It's All About the Senses

It is all about the senses. The mind works in such a simple way that it will create a memory from all sensorial stimuli. For a baby, as well as mom and dad, that is anything she hears, tastes, touches, smells, sees and feels, will make a long-lasting impression, regardless.

At such a young age, the baby discovers the world around without previous experience.

Hence the importance of putting yourself in her shoes, for example, to imagine how your baby is feeling in regards to the sound, the smells, the visuals, the flavors, and anything that he can put his skin against. 


If your intention is to make of this Christmas a memorable one for your baby, when presenting your gifts to her connect with her own development in a way that every gift feels like a milestone in her discovery of the world.

Handmade gifts will be a wonderful way to give her a direct experience of the simplicity of elemental materials. Perhaps a puffy animal that makes sounds, or a music box with a ballerina.

An observatory kind of light that reflects the sky in the ceiling, or a warm soft embracing blanket that makes her feel loved and relaxes by the touch.

If she is starting to crawl, one of those colorful baby tunnels might give her a journey through wonderful worlds in her mind.

Milestones deserve pictures to be the inspiration throughout a lifetime, so perhaps a photo album made of fun materials can be a memorable gift.

Music Music Music

Nothing like a baby to put music to the test. The most memorable way to teach your baby that Christmas time is here is through music. Even better, make sure your Christmas music is baby-friendly.

You will know this because while the music is playing there will only be peace around you. Choose the songs you would like your baby to remember when she thinks of Christmas, and then repeat, repeat, repeat.

Perhaps a Christmas Story?

Christmas has been memorable for at least a century. Nobody ever forgets it. Every year, the opportunity to give and receive gifts arrives with the tradition of a tale that tells of a baby being born in Bethlehem.

While his parents pilgrimed knocking on people’s doors asking for their generosity  to receive them during the night, give them refuge. You know what happened right?

In short, no neighbor opened the door and the parents had to improvise a campsite in one of the stables, next to the always graceful animals whose compassion comes naturally.

Just think, how memorable those parents manage to make their baby’s first Christmas.

That night, an important Jupiter conjunction was in the sky and the brightest star made it to his story because three wise men from the East followed it as an omen that a great messiah had been born.

Gifts were brought from faraway lands, magic blessings were bestowed upon the newborn baby, and the promise of a lifetime of sacred knowledge that will later in life allow this baby to discover by experiential truth that Love is heaven.

What a great story for a baby, don’t you think? A great way to make it memorable would be to create your own Christmas traditions while you tell this story to your baby in the most fun and loving way.

Using props, dance and music, laughing a lot in joyful celebration, as perhaps the most memorable Christmas you can give your baby the understanding of what Christmas is really all about.

An occasion to give your presence to those who you love, and to value how important and healthy is for a family to love each other in peace, love thy neighbors, and feel merry. 

Beyond Baby's First Christmas

While a baby's first Christmas is important, there's a good chance that like most parents you want the magic to last for your child all year round. 

Having fabrics that feel great for your little one, and the accessories to match, you can keep the cheer going a little longer. 

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December 02, 2019 — Niomi Thompson