Maternity Fashion 101: What To Wear (and What Not To Wear)

When you're scrolling through Pinterest, you may see glowing mom bloggers and celebs showing off their cute bump. They wear tight dresses, high heels, bikinis, and still look amazing!

But in reality, that's not what most women go through in their pregnancy. Instead of bikinis, think a huge belly. Instead of high heels, think swollen feet.

Not all of us have a pregnancy fashion stylist as Kim Kardashian has after all!

But, don't worry. Pregnancy fashion doesn't mean you have to go back in time to tent-like nighties and slippers. You can be on trend and comfy at the same time.

What are the do's and don'ts of maternity fashion? Read on to find out how to dress your bump in style.

DO Wait as Long as Possible

You may feel excited about starting your new pregnancy style wardrobe. But try to wait for as long as possible before buying anything.

Then, buy items slowly. This is because your body will be changing dramatically. And you don't want to have to update your wardrobe every time you grow a little.

DON'T Buy Everything New

When deciding on pregnancy looks, you don't have to buy everything new. You may be able to borrow from other moms. Or you may find some great bargains on eBay, at thrift stores or yard sales.

But before you start shopping, take a look at what you already have. You may have a few loose-fitting items that you can wear. For example, you might be able to wear your skirts, but a bit higher up.

You may even be able to steal some items from your partners closet!

DO Buy these Essentials

When buying a maternity wardrobe, you can't forget these essentials:

  • T-Shirts - Buy some stretchy maternity style t-shirts. You can wear these essentials with almost anything!
  • Maxi Dress - Flattering maxi dresses can make you look like a queen, even if you're feeling bloated and frumpy.
  • Oversized Blazer - Actresses wear blazers to cover their bump when their not supposed to look pregnant on screen. Steal their maternity style tip and wear blazers to keep your look chic and streamlined.
  • LBD - In the 9 months you're carrying, you may have an event or two to attend. Have a little black dress ready that flatters your bump without skimping on style.
  • Clothes for the season - Depending on when you're expecting you will need to buy comfy clothes that will keep you warm and cozy or cool and casual.

And whatever you choose to buy, think beyond pregnancy. If you get your pregnancy looks right, you will feel beautiful for your nine months and beyond.

DON'T Forget Your Underwear

If you love a pair of lacy knickers, you may need to get something more practical during your pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a messy business down there, so get something comfy that's easy to wash.

Of course, you don't have to opt for granny panties. You may be able to get away with your "normal" style underwear. Try to buy some a few sizes up.

DO Buy New Bras

As your body goes through changes throughout your pregnancy, your bra size may change dramatically. It can be a pretty expensive ordeal if you have to keep buying a size up as you grow.

You may want to pick a bra in a slightly bigger size to allow room for growth. And don't forget to keep the bras you outgrow, as you may fit into them again after you've given birth.

DON'T Skip the Leggings

Leggings are a must-have item when it comes to pregnancy fashion. When Eva Longoria was pregnant, she said she planned to "Live in Leggings" for most of her pregnancy.

And we understand why. Not only are they super comfy, but they can be universally flattering.

The best thing about leggings is their flexibility. They can accommodate your swollen stomach and filled-out body parts.

And you can pair them with almost anything. Dress them up, dress them down, leggings are the go-to item for moms-to-be!

DO Find a Good Pair of Mom Jeans

If you're a lover of denim, you'll need a good pair of mom jeans during your pregnancy. You can find maternity style jeans with stretchy fabric at the stomach. Some others have expandable waistbands, and other intuitive ideas to make you comfortable.

And the best thing is that mom jeans are in fashion in 2019. So you'll blend right in with the young trendsetters and still feel relaxed.

DON'T Be Unreasonable with Footwear

When you're pregnant, due to the hormone "relaxin" in your body, the ligaments in your feet may stretch and spread out. Not only will your feet swell, but they may increase in size. And, sorry to say, they may never go back to your original size.

This means that the shoes you have will become uncomfortable. Especially if you're a lover of high heels. Your frame may feel overloaded and unbalanced, wearing high heels may be a dangerous endeavor when you're walking for two.

You don't have to go everywhere in slippers, instead try to find shoes with good tread, comfort, and balance. Sneakers, flats, and booties are all good options when your feet are swollen. Slip-on styles are a great choice too as you won't need to bend over to fasten them.

DO Dress Like You

Some moms give themselves a "mom makeover" when they are expecting a baby. They may think their personal style doesn't match their new role as a mom.

It's true, having a baby is going to change your life. But you don't need to morph into your own mother's style of dress with lace, ruffles, and girly bows. Wear what you normally wear, but make a few adjustments to help you to be comfy and safe.

Don't let your pregnancy steal your style identity!

Maternity Fashion for the Win

It's clear to see that while you may not look like Kim Kardashian, you can rock those 9 long months with these cool pregnancy looks.

But now you know the do's and don'ts of maternity fashion, what's next?

You need to find attractive mom wear that will be stylish and comfy at the same time. Check out our cute mom tees that will make you win at pregnancy fashion!

March 27, 2019 — Niomi Thompson