The Only Portable Car Seat Buyer's Guide You Need

Your little one is everything to you. You want to make sure that they're as safe and protected as possible. That's why things such as your baby's portable car seat are such a huge decision.

Maybe you've just recently had the baby and are looking for a few tips on how to find the right one. Perhaps your little one has already outgrown the first car seat that you got them.

Whatever the case might be, it's time to find the right fit. Here's an in-depth guide at all the factors that go into finding the right car seat. Consider all of these as you browse.

1. Follow Your Car Manufacturer's Recommendations

All car models are different. The seats fit differently, the sizing of some differ from the rest, etc. 

Because of that, the manufacturers like to point out what accessories will go best with the layout of their vehicle, and car seats are no exception.

There are one of two types of car seats that they will recommend: LATCH or belt. These different types apply to the way the car seat is strapped in to secure your child.

Before you go out looking for the cutest and most efficient car seat, be sure that you check your car's manual. From there, you know which system to look for.

2. Look for Side Impact Protection

Consider the fact that most car crashes and collisions happen on the side, not just head-on. So while the three-point harness is great for making sure your baby is secured frontways and back, you need protection on the side as well.

Lucky for you, this is something that car seat manufacturers have been cracking down as of late.

They want to make sure your baby is protected whether it's a brief trip to the store or a long drive to their first vacation.

Part of you might be wondering "how will I know if the car seat I'm interested in has side impact protection?". Rest assured, if it's installed, the company will boast about it.

Make sure that you filter your search to car seats that can offer side-impact padding and protection. It's just as important as any other security feature, if not more so.

3. Consider Their Growth

The last thing that you want to do is invest a crazy amount of money into a car seat that your newborn will grow out of quickly. Once that happens, you have to fork over even more money for a new one.

To support the growth of your child, you'll want to look for a convertible car seat that can be adjusted with age. 

They provide the highest return on investment and can be used for any other additions that you make to the family down the line.

The one "backlash" that convertible car seats get is that they have to remain inside the car seat at all times. However, if you plan to take the child in and out of the car frequently, that might be more of a blessing than a curse.

4. Consider Both the Used and New Options 

Both a new and used car seat can be a tremendous option for you and your family's situation. You might consider receiving a hand-me-down car seat from a relative whose child has outgrown the car seat.

However, you want to check to make sure that the model hasn't been recalled or has negative reviews. 

Choosing to invest in a new car seat helps give you more peace of mind using the same car seat as they grow. If you're using a car seat that was already a hand-me-down, it may be completely outdated by the time you have your second or third child.

Be sure to weigh both your options out heavily. However, if you're hesitant to use the used car seat, there's probably a good reason for that. In that case, go with buying a new car seat instead.

5. Choose the Car Seat/Stroller Combination

Not everyone is in the best financial situation when their first newborn comes around. 

Heck, who is financially ready for a child? Don't let that discourage you from finding a high-quality car seat.

There are several ways you can find a tremendous car seat and save money in other ways as well. One of the best ways to do that is by knocking out two birds with one stone and buying a car seat/stroller travel system.

They'll fit perfectly together which will lessen your hassle of getting the baby from the car to the stroller (and vice versa). 

Also, the travel system that you purchase now can be used for all of your kids down the line. 

6. Don't Go Cheap

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to buy car seats at the lowest end of the cost spectrum.

Car seats can get a bit pricey, but they're well worth the investment to know your baby is safe and secure in the event of a car accident.

If you're looking for a phenomenal, all-encompassing car seat option, then consider a portable child seatbelt vest/seat. It makes a great golf cart child seat, car child seat, etc.

Make sure the car seat you're looking at has all the features that you want it to. If it does, purchase it for the price that it is. You can't put a cost on peace of mind as a parent.

Find the Optimal Portable Car Seat for Your Little One!

Now that you've seen several considerations to make as you search for a portable car seat, it's time to filter out your options.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to properly choose a car seat for your child.

For more information, please feel free to fill out our online contact form and we'll be happy to assist you further.

February 28, 2020 — Niomi Thompson