Winter Maternity Wear: A Guide for Cold Weather Pregnancy

Even though historically more babies are born in August than any other month, the truth is they enter the world any time of the year. Those expectant moms who find themselves pregnant during the winter months may find it both a blessing and a curse.

Unlike being pregnant during the warmer months, you're wearing more clothing. That means you need more pieces that can adapt to your shifting shape. You also need clothing that can accommodate the seesaw body temperatures you may experience as hormones fluctuate.

Not to worry; we have the perfect list of winter maternity wear that you need and are going to love wearing throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity Leggings

No maternity winter wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of leggings. They are comfortable, warm, versatile, and designed to stay put around an expanding belly.

During your first trimester, you may be able to get away with wearing your usual leggings. However, as you gain weight your favorite fashion staple may get stretched out, which is why leggings made just for pregnancy may be a better bet.

If pregnancy makes your ankles and legs swell, consider a pair of compression leggings to keep circulation flowing and pressure off your lower extremities.

Rubber Soled Boots or Shoes

Safe, sturdy, and warm footwear is not to be overlooked when you're expecting. It's even more important if you are pregnant during the winter months, when ice and snow can be a hazard no matter where you walk.

So invest in a good pair of winter boots or shoes that are warm and waterproof (or water resistant.) Most importantly, they need to provide good traction on the bottom to safeguard you and your baby against falls.

Maternity Winter Coat

Your usual coat may become too tight to wear as you enter your second and third trimester. Try to find a winter coat designed for pregnancy. They can tricky to hunt down, so shop before the cold months if possible.

If you've previously relied on a shapely down coat to keep you warm throughout past winters, the bad news it probably won't fit you at a certain point during pregnancy. Instead, you'll need a woolen coat with a generous cut.

If you don't have luck locating a coat specifically made for pregnancy, a regular coat in certain styles will fit better than others. Look for a trapeze or swing style coat, even if you have to buy a vintage one.

Stretch Shirts and Tanks

Stretchy long-sleeved shirts, tees, and tank tops are a must for layering. You'll be particularly grateful you stocked up on them when you feel hot or cold at any given moment and need to adjust your wardrobe.

Look for shirts and tees that have a lot of stretch so you can wear them late in your pregnancy. They'll do double duty nicely after the baby arrives, taking you into the spring and summer months

Maternity Pants and Jeans

Pants and jeans designed for pregnancy should always be a part of every expectant mom's wardrobe. You'll need semi-dressy pants for the office or any occasion that calls for looking pulled together and professional.

Maternity jeans mean there's no reason to part with denim once you're pregnant. Dark jeans fit in nicely at the office but can be worn anywhere. The key is finding a pair that you feel comfortable in and that provide stretch.

Maternity Overalls

They're cute, have handy pockets, and can be worn over a long-sleeved shirt or underneath a cardigan sweater for extra warmth. Plus you can't beat the bib for giving plenty of room for a growing midsection and breasts.

Perhaps their only downfall is you need to undo the snaps when using the bathroom. If this isn't an inconvenience, one-piece dressing may just become your new favorite maternity look.


They're not just for the 1970s. It may sound like an unusual maternity staple, but think about it. A poncho's flowing design skims right over baby bumps, helping to conceal them (if you want) and are large enough to wear into your last trimester.

They also add a layer of warmth, which is much appreciated when the thermometer dips low. Throw one on over leggings or jeans and you'll look pulled together within seconds. Ponchos come in a variety of fabrics and styles to accommodate all tastes, so don't worry about looking like you stepped out of a time machine.


Chances are you already own a blazer but if not, it's actually a perfect pregnancy wardrobe piece. A basic black blazer looks great in the office and can be easily thrown over a top or dress. The best part is they can be worn unbuttoned.


Any type of open cardigan should work well for winter pregnancies. You can throw one on over your stretch top when you need a little extra warmth, and remove it when you're hot. Go for black or a neutral color such as gray or beige and it'll pair with anything.

A cardigan is also a good clothing item to keep at your desk at work, in case there's a problem with the office building's heating or a chilly meeting room.

You Now Have a Winter Maternity Wear Wardrobe

With a little planning and making sure you own these winter maternity wear staples, you and your growing baby can face the colder months with confidence. You'll be warm, stylish, comfortable, and ready for whatever weather winter brings you.

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December 31, 2018 — Niomi Thompson